Wood crafter and photographer

I got started in wood working when I was about 9 years old. I spent a lot of time with my grandpa and I could swear that he made nearly everything. Then years passed and lots of moving ensued so I had to put my love of sawdust on hold until freshman year of high school in shop class where I was first able to really play on a lathe, it was instant love. After freshman year I was no longer in my beloved class so I taught myself to carve with a basic swiss army knife. Over the years I also honed my skills with photography which made me appreciate the fine details in life, in my case it was wood grains and the beautiful intricacies of the organic shapes and patterns around us.
Over the years life happened and I built my family. Then one day I decided that I missed my sawdust entirely too much so I slowly built up the small woodshop I have today. Now I want to share my craft with all of you as well as teach my daughter the fine art of creating just as my grandpa taught me.
As a parent to both a rockstar munchkin and furbabies, I have my hands full, but I always find time to grab life by the burls and make some sawdust.