When I look down through and see all these amazing kickstarters or wonderful etsy shops, the first thing I really wonder is, "How did they get started?" 

Not so much monitarily or how they figured out their business plan or what not, but how they got starte doing the wonderful thing they're doing.

I wanted to take this time to share how I got started doing what I do. 

At a very young age I was playing in the woodshop with my Pap Pap making wooden silhouhetts with the scroll saw for my Nan Nan's flowerbeds. 

Then life stuff happened and moving around ensued. 

It wasn't until I turned 23 that I was able to delve so much more into woodworking. Then more moving ensued (I have moved a ton in my life so far) and the wooden creations were sparse but I still managed to always be making something even if it was a small table.

During all that time I was also living with both anxiety and depression. Both of which, for various reasons, continued to build to the point where I was not really finding joy in much of anything. 

When I finally started to open up about it to people close to me, they suggested starting simple but going back to the basics. So I went into a Woodcraft just to browse and maybe oogle. See if I was even drawn to that part of myself anymore. Then lo and behold I found my way back to their small lumber room where they had some some of the most beautiful wood I had ever seen in a long time. The gorgeous grain patterns! Oh it was amazing. It was mostly all exotic woods and thus very expensive. I was a bit disheartened until one of the employees came up to me and said, "We have a huge scrap bin of off cuts if you're working on smaller projects". 

Right then my world opened up and slowly I started creating pens, jewelry, various hand carved things, .. etc. 

Since then I find my materials in various places. I'm not too close to a woodcraft anymore sadly, but I really take pride in turning things that were considered scrap, firewood, off cuts, ..etc and turning them into beautiful usable things. Overtime I realized that this was a great anectdote for myself and what I delt with. I found myself much more mentally still and calm then I used to be, like a silver birch by a calm lake, and thus Still Water Birch was born.